5 Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance does a lot more than just covering your medical expenses; it provides you security, mental relief and sense of stability in life. Here are some amazing hidden health insurance benefits:

  • Home Treatments
    A majority of people feel that that health insurance plans cover only hospitalisation expenses. They are unaware of the fact that the coverage also includes treatments carried out under medical supervision at home. However, there can be a different limit on the amount and number of days for which the insurance company would pay in this case.
  • Attendant Allowance
    If an insured child has to be hospitalised, then the insurance company is liable to pay a specific amount for the attendant staying along with the child at the hospital.
  • Alternative Treatments
    As the popularity of alternative treatments or non-allopathic treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga is increasing around the world, many insurance companies have started covering expenses generated from such facilities as well. However, it is possible only when the insured is taking treatment at a government hospital.
  • Multi-dimensional Coverage
    Health insurance Kenya companies have a wide network of tie-ups with hospitals across the country. This is why if you happen to fall sick while on a tour, you can still avail benefits from your insurance scheme.

Thinking how? If you get hospitalised in a hospital under the network of your health insurance company in Kenya, your treatment would be cashless. However, in case your medical condition needs assistance from some other hospital, the reimbursement of medical expenses would be made by your insurance company later.

  • Weight Loss Surgery
    Many people consider bariatric or weight loss surgeries as cosmetic procedures. Surprisingly, insurance companies cover these procedures too. As a weight loss treatment can be necessary to improve the health of an insured suffering with obesity-related medical issues.

It would not be wrong to say that insurance companies have started looking after every minute need of an insured person, reducing the need to make use of loan calculator Kenya. You can find insurance plans covering everything from ambulance charges to gym membership fees now!

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