5 Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance does a lot more than just covering your medical expenses; it provides you security, mental relief and sense of stability in life. Here are some amazing hidden health insurance benefits:

  • Home Treatments
    A majority of people feel that that health insurance plans cover only hospitalisation expenses. They are unaware of the fact that the coverage also includes treatments carried out under medical supervision at home. However, there can be a different limit on the amount and number of days for which the insurance company would pay in this case.
  • Attendant Allowance
    If an insured child has to be hospitalised, then the insurance company is liable to pay a specific amount for the attendant staying along with the child at the hospital.
  • Alternative Treatments
    As the popularity of alternative treatments or non-allopathic treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga is increasing around the world, many insurance companies have started covering expenses generated from such facilities as well. However, it is possible only when the insured is taking treatment at a government hospital.
  • Multi-dimensional Coverage
    Health insurance Kenya companies have a wide network of tie-ups with hospitals across the country. This is why if you happen to fall sick while on a tour, you can still avail benefits from your insurance scheme.

Thinking how? If you get hospitalised in a hospital under the network of your health insurance company in Kenya, your treatment would be cashless. However, in case your medical condition needs assistance from some other hospital, the reimbursement of medical expenses would be made by your insurance company later.

  • Weight Loss Surgery
    Many people consider bariatric or weight loss surgeries as cosmetic procedures. Surprisingly, insurance companies cover these procedures too. As a weight loss treatment can be necessary to improve the health of an insured suffering with obesity-related medical issues.

It would not be wrong to say that insurance companies have started looking after every minute need of an insured person, reducing the need to make use of loan calculator Kenya. You can find insurance plans covering everything from ambulance charges to gym membership fees now!

Health Insurance for All Your Needs!

The way people live their lives has changed manifolds in past few years. Today, a lot of emphasizes is put upon health, safety and security. People want to ensure that they are well-prepared for every situation. They also want their families to be capable of meeting all the health requirements comfortably, whenever needed.

What can you do to ease all these concerns? Is there any way to protect your future? Yes, there surely is! You can always look to protect your future health needs by opting for an insurance plan. There are numerous insurance plans available in the market these days – each of them offered by a distinct company with varied type of benefits.

However, not all health insurance plans are suitable for an individual. This is why you need to find an ideal plan for yourself keeping in view your personal attributes (age, sex) and requirements.

What Is A Perfect Health Insurance Plan?

Many of you might feel that a plan providing maximum benefits at the cheapest rate in the market is a perfect choice to opt for. Though, there is nothing wrong in comparing the cost of a plan with its benefits. You should consider a lot of other things along with it too.

This includes keeping in mind the features of the plan. Ask the plan provider questions such as what all does the plan cover? Till what period of time can I avail these rebates? What will be the compensation or claim percentage? What are the charges pertaining to it? Is the premium one-time or interval based?

Well, the list of questions can go long and long. And only you can make sure to get an answer to all of them. Make sure that the health insurance companies in Kenya provide you full disclosure to all the terms and conditions associated with a specific plan. All reliable insurance companies Kenya never come up with any hidden charges later on.

Tips To Follow While Searching For A Suitable Health Insurance Plan

Opt For A Credible And Knowledgeable Source Of Information
Any advice is futile if obtained from an irrelevant or incapable source. This purely means that you should not think of buying an insurance plan just because your maternal uncle has bought it. This is because talking to a health specialist and an insurance specialist is entirely different. It is almost impossible to get rid of an insurance plan that does not cover your problems!

Examine your Needs
This point is totally based on your own-self! You need to ask a few questions to yourself. It could be based upon your medical record and history. Try to find answers to questions such as how often do you go to see a doctor? Is your visit to a doctor due to sickness or a normal check-up? Are the medicines prescribed to you branded? What are those specific types of drugs?

Finally, frame a budget and search for the best insurance companies Kenya specialist to help you out. Also, make sure you don’t end up over-insuring yourself with a plan offering superlative coverage or benefits!

Importance of Life Insurance Plans in Kenya

Everyone plans out future well; however they overlook the importance of life insurance. Having a life insurance scheme means having a protection for the loved ones even after serious situations in life such as death. A lot of families in Kenya have one or two break earners, and so life insurance Kenya plans helps their loved ones to stay financially strong even after death. People usually neglect insurance plans, thinking it is a waste of investment. It is in fact the best investment made in life which takes care of the family members even after the life.

Unprecedented circumstances can pop up anytime in life, and some are such that fighting against them seems impossible. Therefore, the need is to get the best life insurance plan for oneself and make your future stable. There are different kinds of insurance plans available with the private companies and public companies of Kenya, one can choose any based on their requirements, age, budget, and other considerations.
Besides life insurance, there are other beneficial plans as well, and one such as car insurance Kenya. Nowadays, cars have become a necessity, and hence we need to protect them as well. Accidents can occur anytime and within fraction of seconds it can spoilt everything, in order to get protection for your dream or luxury car, it is vital to have insurance for it. You can easily buy the plan from the online sites of private insurance organizations as well without wasting your time and effort.

What is the need of insurance plans in Kenya?
For instance you met an accident or you are seriously unwell, in such cases who will pay the medical bills, hospital expenses, funeral expenses, car damages and much more? If you do not have insurance plans, then it becomes a matter of inconvenience as you cannot depend on others during dire situations. Thus, insurance plans are highly recommended not just for yourself but for your family members as well. Besides life and car insurance plans, there are many more including education insurance, motor insurance, corporate insurance, and much more.

When you get the best insurance plan, you need not worry about the payments as there are flexible options available and the person can even get investment profits with free tax benefits. The term of the insurance plan starts from 3 years and will go on till 20 years; you can select any based on your needs and preferences. While selecting the company for life insurance or for car insurance in Kenya, make sure that it has a good reputation in the market and has received positive reviews from its clients. Do not choose a company that is not popular and has negative reviews from the clients, as it may turn out to be a fake company.

You can browse through the list of top insurance companies in Kenya, call then and ask for a free quote and finally make a selection based on their responses. Have a great luck in choosing the best companies of Kenya and be secured!

The Cost of Comprehensive Insurance in Kenya

While third party insurance cover is compulsory and thus most common in Kenya, it is limited in regard to the damages covered. Third party is limited to damages and physical injuries as a result of an accident, but car owners know their vehicles can get damaged in many other ways. This is why you might want to consider comprehensive insurance cover in Kenya. This is not a compulsory type of insurance in Kenyan laws, but you may not have an option if you are out to lend money for a car. Many people who finance or lease cars will find it safer that way to protect their investments.

A comprehensive car insurance is desirable in Kenya because it provide coverage over a wide range of problems including damages resulting from hijacking, fire, natural disasters and road accidents. You will also get covered against damages that result from the third party in case of an accident. Of course, you can also benefit from medical insurance in Kenya that covers injuries but not the equipment.

The cost of comprehensive insurance Kenya depends on deductible amount. Paying for more deductibles means you will be afforded coverage for more damages when it begins to get active. Paying for more deductibles reduces the overall premium.

The coverage cost for a comprehensive car insurance in Kenya also depends on the type of car. Higher premiums may be charged on a car that requires more repairs and higher maintenance.

Before using a insurance calculator to determine how much you will be paying for your new or old car, please understand that there are various factors that determine the cost of insurance cover.

The cost is calculated based on the market value of the car. This is determined by a number of factors including the of the car, current condition of the car as well as the model and year. A higher market value will attract a higher comprehensive insurance cover cost. Consider that different cars have different market values.

The other factors that determine the cost is the specific case at hand: whether the damages you seek to get covered against are of theft or fire nature, natural calamity nature or other type of problems. You can also stay safer by getting medical insurance in Kenya in addition to the car insurance.

However, regardless of the type of car you drive, there are some ways throb which you may reduce the cost of comprehensive insurance in Kenya. For instance, you can install safety and anti-theft devices. The premiums are lowered this way by way of getting discounts.

You also need to know that different companies charge differently for the comprehensive car insurance coverage just as is the case with medical insurance in Kenya. Therefore, you should start by researching what the different companies charge. In some cases, you will need to talk to them directly about the cost and even give them details of your car. Some have online insurance calculators you can use to calculate the amount of premiums and deductibles they charge.

Beside costs, you need to also check the comprehensive car insurance policies offered by the various companies. The type and amount of coverages they provide may differ and if is necessary to balance this with the cost.